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Name:Kite Eishirou
Birthdate:Nov 9
Name: Kite Eishirou
Journal: to be made
Personality: Serious and driven, Kite still believes that the winners write the histories. He is very direct and he is not afraid to fight for what he wants. He’s not one to be intimidated and he doesn't know the meaning of the word “quit”. He’s an emotionally strong person and dislikes cowards. If he must follow someone, he will only follow the strong. And the strong must prove themselves to earn Kite’s respect. While he no longer blatantly cheats, he is still known to do some underhanded things if that is what it takes. The ends justify the means. He is by no means a dirty cop. Those he does this to deserve it.

He is also pretty caring. He cares about those under him. He looks after them. He feels responsible for them. He is used to leading by example and he is always the first one in and the last one out. He does have some violent tendencies, but he had managed to find an outlet for them. Martial arts has really helped him to control such urges. He no longer starts fights, but if a fight finds him, he is ready and willing to finish it.

He is traditional and loves Okinawa. He will defend his dinky island to the death from those who insult it. He still loves fashion.

After the U17 camp, Kite returned to Okinawa, leaving tennis behind for his first love, martial arts. Because Higa has no high school division, he went to a local Okinawan high school, where he was Captain of the Karate team. He was also fearsome and finally won something for Okinawa, bringing many trophies to his school in the 4 years he was in high school.

However, college was not in his future. In Okinawa, for the poorer students, there were two choices. The tourist industry and the JSDF (Japanese Special Defense Force). Tourism just wasn’t Kite’s thing. He was a man of action. He jointed the SDF as a private under the normal 3 year contract. He stayed for 5, achieving the rank of Sergeant. He was well known for being the best martial artist in the unit and took to instruction by his 5th year. However, he didn’t find it fulfilling enough. He left the SDF and went to protect and serve in a different way.

He spent a year as a junior police officer. However, his superiors realized that with his type-a personality and drive, he was just not a good fit for giving tourists directions. He was told to test. The results was a direct promotion to the Violent Crime unit of the Tokyo Metro Police. Heading the unit, he investigates crimes such as bank robbery, gang activities, kidnappings, murder for hire and serial killings to name a few. He is also sometimes tapped to be a part of the Riot Squad because of his military training.

At the moment, he lives in company housing, as he has just come from Okinawa. It is understood that he has a year before he must find his own housing.
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